Banbury Cross

American Holsteiner Association

Anna Victoria BC

Anna Victoria BC, "Premium" foal at the approvals, shows off her trot

Lear BC

Lear BC still cantering on…

Lear BC jumping

Lear BC preferred jumping over the ground poles at the approvals

Jayne Cordes and Susan Hritz
Banbury Cross Farm with Lear BC

Banbury Cross Farm is a very special place along beautiful tree lined Plum Creek in Sedalia, Colorado. We kid around that there is a "special spell" on the farm that produces such fine horses for us. This may be partly true, however our stallion selection and our wonderful broodmares have a little more to do with it.

A Bedouin Legend says …God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath over it and created the horse… In that spirit, we can feel that wind blow at Banbury Cross Farm.

As a testament to our desire to raise quality horses, we limit our breeding to only a few horses a year. As owners, we feel giving time and attention to a few, is far superior as we have direct daily involvement with training. Our goal is to raise confident, happy and well adjusted horses which will move on to excel in the disciplines in which they are suited.

This year, we are thrilled and proud of our 2008 foals, Anna Victoria BC and Lear BC. Please enjoy our photos and visit our web-cast videos of their recent attendance at the Holsteiner in approvals in Colorado, September 19th, 2008.

LEAR BC C, HOLSTEINER, 2008 , Stem Q770

Candis Logum BC

...our Grand Prix Show Jumping Mare!

For more information on HOLSTEINER foals for sale by private treaty you may feel free to contact us personally.

Susan Hritz (303) 907-8300 or
Jayne Cordes (720) 936-6691
Banbury Cross Farm
6120 Old Banbury Lane
Sedalia, Colorado 80135

We would like to acknowledge our special thanks to
Steve A. Long, DVM, Juan Gallegos and Andras Szieberth